Fiction Books

Uncover crimes | Solve mysteries

Immerse yourself in the drama of the underworld, meet terrible criminals and race against time as you piece together the clues of unsolved mysteries. These thriller books and mystery ebooks place you in the hands of killers as you wander through darkened alleyways, hoping you make it out alive.

Fantastical worlds | Terrifying tales

Travel to distant lands filled with amazing creatures. Hide beneath the covers as you feel a supernatural chill creep over you when you hear unknown footsteps coming up the stairs. These fantasy books and horror ebooks are guaranteed to transport your imagination to new realms of possibility and make your dreams a little darker.


Thriller Books

Suspense, excitement and surprising revelations can be found in these thriller ebooks and books. Work alongside detectives, spies and mysterious strangers as they overcome devious obstacles, anxiously tracking down criminals, spies and unexplained phenomenon.

Mystery Books

Delve into the murder and intrigue of these mystery ebooks and books. Join detectives and ordinary citizens as they are suddenly thrust into dark and fantastical investigations. With everything on the line they must solve each mystery in time, or face unimaginable consequences.

Horror Books

Within this haunted collection of horror ebooks and books you’ll find eerie whisperings, terrifying supernatural stories and more earthly nightmares. Creepy characters and compelling tales of fear that will grip you and refuse to let go, no matter how much you scream.